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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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this is scott broom in frederick county maryland where winds are becoming the story tonight. coming uptake a look at some drifts up to my shoulder. >> few people braved the nasty conditions in our area, some because they had to, others because they wanted to, but they were conditions that had a far reaching effect on the area. >> get ready for the freezing temps. >> plus a storm in virginia politics far from winding down. >> i will use every available resource and advocate that i have to fight and prevail against these false
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allegations. >> former virginia governor bob mcdonnell says federal prosecutors are stretching the law and the 14 count indictment against him and his wife. good evening, everybody. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson in for derek mcginty. we battled snow all day long and overnight it's going to dim down to the single digits. some classes are canceled tomorrow. >> we have crews across the area, but first let's get the very latest on the weather from first alert meteorologist topper shutt. >> good news, bad news. good news, the snow is moving out, bad news, the cold air is really moving in. most of the accumulating snow is confined essentially into southern maryland and the northern neck, a few flurries back into parts of montgomery county and the district, but now we're looking at primarily all the snow east of i-95. outside on our weather terrace it's drifting a bit blowing around, but we had about 6 inches here in northwest, which was our biggest snowfall in about four years. now it's drifting, so we're a little bit over 6 inches because of the drift.
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back to the computer and we'll talk about a little banding snow now through prince frederick and calvert county back through st. mary's county out of here in an hour or so and you will be left with blowing and drifting snow. hagerstown 6 inches, damascus 8 inches, winchester 6, old town 4 inches and martinsburg, virginia, 6 inches. actual temps 18 downtown, leesburg, factor in the wind, feels like it's in the single digits, feels like 2 below at andrews and a wind chill advisory through noon tomorrow. we'll come back and talk about more snow in the first alert seven-day and how long we'll stay below freezing. we've got more school closings again tomorrow. d.c. public schools closed. in virginia, fairfax, prince william, loudoun, culpeper, fauquier, spotsylvania and stafford county schools all closed along with alexandria, manassas and fredericksburg city schools. in maryland schools in
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montgomery, prince george's county, anne arundel, calvert and frederick county closed. federal government open tomorrow, but they're giving you an extra two hours to get in. we've got more closures and delays at the bottom of the screen. you can find closings at and, of course, ipad app. a lot of you got to spend the day at home enjoying the snow and had lots of fun. your kids will get to do a lot of the same tomorrow. >> mola lenghi is in alexandria tonight where not everyone thinks this snowfall is a big deal and i have to agree with them. hey there. >> reporter: hey, guys. we should note that it's still cold and windy, but the snow has stopped in old town probably about 30 minutes ago, although it did get pretty nasty today. still some people had to be in these conditions, your police officers, your firefighters, crews plowing the streets and then there was those who chose to be in the nasty conditions, conditions that had a far reaching effect on our area today. he plows street by street.
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he shovels scoop by scoop. one problem. they move it and it just piles right back up, enough so that few people braved today's condition. take the metro, for example, where officials take rail ridership was down more than 50% compared to any typical tuesday. buses bailed on side streets and spent the evening operating only on snow routes, main roadways treated and plowed. the entire metro system rail and bus shaw its share of delays today. -- saw its share of delay delays today. most people wanted -- delays today. most people wanted nothing to do with it and then there was those that had to be in it, the skiers, the sledders, those walking their dogs or going shopping. really, in this? what are you guys doing? >> drinking having a good time. >> reporter: paul tuttle stayed so be are but spent the evening grocery shopping -- sober, but spent the evening
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grocery shopping. to paul the snow is -- >> no big deal, from colorado. >> reporter: but what these toileteds are use -- but what these two ladies are used to from brazil, no snow, no plows, no winter coats and gloves and scarves? take us with you. as you can see, roadways still dicey. major roadways are the point of focus as far as the plows and crews go, but even some of the major roadways, we took the gw parkway to get here and it was still looking dicey. if you have to be out on the roads, stick to the major roadways, but you still want to be careful even on those. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. of course, it's been a busy day for virginia take the police responding to more than 1 -- state police responding to more than 1,600 calls, more than 360 for crashes, 351 disabled vehicles and one deadly accident in frederick county, virginia. there was also a deadly accident in frederick county,
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maryland, around 11:00 this morning on route 140. a 66-year-old brunswick man lost control of his kia spectra and hit a semi. his car began to spin and he was hit by the truck. the truck driver was not injured. the roads can be very dangerous, as you know. >> scott broom lab driving around frederick county -- has been driving around frederick county all night. how are things out there right now, scott? >> reporter: it's cold and it's windy and that wind is piling up snow on the roads tonight. the schools are closed here tomorrow because snow is drifting across the roads. wind blown snow drifting deep. roads that were plowed are covered all over again. >> the wind starting to pick up. >> reporter: tonight it's double and triple shifts for some of the workers trying to clean up. >> never ending battle because the more you push back, the higher it makes it. >> reporter: the winds are
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really uncomfortable tonight and they're really piling up the snow. how deep? well, i'm 6 feet tall. let's wade right in. this is a drift. wow. that's up to my shoulder. it's up to my chin. frederick county made the call to close schools at 6:30 p.m. >> i wouldn't send my kids, no way. >> reporter: downtown in the city of frederick workers are trying to clear sidewalks tonight so at least business will have a head start on getting back to normal in the morning. a day of unyielding snow piled up 10 inches in some spots here. road crews were able to keep up on the major highways throughout the day, but tonight rural roads will be the challenge to keep passable as the wind gusts at times near 25 miles an hour. >> now the real fun begins. everybody gets tired and wants to go home. we've got to keep pushing. >> reporter: all right. we're back live now. as i climb myself out of that drift, it really is up to my
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shoulders. so the wind is pushing a lot of that snow around tonight. the star are out. it's not falling any -- stars are out. it's not falling anymore, but the winds are pushing it back out on the roadways. >> you're the man working really hard today. if i was the boss, i'd give him the day off tomorrow. we've shown you the road conditions around town. now we want to check on how the weather affected flights at ragan national airport today. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren at ragan national airport with believe it or not flights that are taking off and landing despite this blustery weather, brutal bone chilling temperatures. the snow is swirling around. there were 6,000 flights nationwide that were delayed today, 3200 canceled including 37% of the flights here at ragan national airport. andrea mccarren, wusa9. now to the other big story of the day, if virginia former
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governor bob -- virginia former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen were both indicted on corruption charges today. the mcdonnells were charged with accepting illegal gifts, luxury vacations and large loans from a businessman who was seeking special treatment from the state. prosecutors say the gifts and loans from richmond area businessman jonnie williams amounted to at least $165,000. mcdonnells denied wrongdoing in a press conference today. >> i come before you this evening as someone who has been falsely and wrongfully accused and his public service has been wrongfully attacked. while i deeply regret accepting these legal gifts and loans from mr. williams, all of these now have been returned or repaid with interest. >> prosecutors say the mcdonnells worked to lend the prestige of the governor's office to help jonnie williams' struggling firm which sold dietary is up mentales.
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mcdonnell is the first -- supplements. mcdonnell is the first virginia governor ever to face criminal charges. the state legislature should move to close any of the gray areas that helped lead to this 14 count indictment some say. >> we do need to insure that there's more transparency and a clearer set of rules for all virginia elected officials. >> while mcdonnell insisted he did nothing wrong, prosecutors say the governor attended events for jonnie williams on his behalf, provided access to top state officials and allowed the state mansion to be used for a launch party for williams' company. they also accused virginia's first lady of lying to investigators. democrat jennifer wexton won today's special election for virginia's 33rd senate district. it includes portions of fairfax and loudoun counties. wexton got 53% of the votes. republican john whitbeck earned 37% and independent joe may had 10% of the vote.
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wexton will now serve the remainder of attorney general mark herring's senate term. wexton's win means the state senate is evenly split now between democrats and republicans, but only as long as democrat lynwood lewis wins a recount for the 6th senate district. any ties in the upper chamber would be broken by the lieutenant governor. he's a democrat. a germantown killed two of her children and wounded two others believing that a demon was skipping from one child to another. prosecutors say zakeiya avery sometimes performed what she called exorcisms and called herself a demon a sass in. during a -- assassin. during a court hearing a judge ordered she undergo a psychiatric examination. a similar exam is likely for monifa sanford who is accused of helping avery carry out those attacks. tonight at purdue university one student is dead and another in custody after gunfire rings out. >> plus the threat of a terrorist attack at the winter olympics has russia hunting
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down terrorists and u.s. officials on high alert. >> we go around the world in 90 seconds. >> the latest preolympic anti- terror event in dagestan a few hundred miles from sochi, just one of a number of anti-terror operations underway and now they're trying to find the first black widow suspected of being in sochi who they fear is waiting to strike. >> for the nearly seven years robert levinson has been missing his wife has backed the u.s. government's claim he was kidnapped in iran while working as a private detective, but today for the first teen christine levinson he confirmed her husband bob was -- levinson confirmed her husband bob was also working for u.s. intelligence. >> classes have been canceled tomorrow at purdue university in indiana. a teaching student shot a 21- year-old student. >> osha documented previous violations and citations in,
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2002 a man killed when cleaning a machine and fell in. in 2012 international nutrition received six citations for similar violations. >> new jersey governor chris christie called for unity. >> the ways we divide each other is neither permanent nor necessary. >> the day started with a spirited church service. evening celebrations were canceled because of the snowstorm. >> cheers ring out in mission control as the european spacecraft signaled from 500 million miles away that it's awake after its 2 1/2 year hibernation. a tweet from space. hello, world. for nearly 10 years rosetta has been chasing a comet through space that will one day land on its surface. stick around, bruce johnson is paying close attention to all this coverage. we'll have more of today's major snowstorm right after the break.
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there was a massive snowball fight on dupont circle tonight. a group that calls itself the washington d.c. snowball fight association. can you believe that? the group says they've waited three years for this. they put out the message on facebook and got quite a large crowd. >> what a clever name. they must have thought about that one for a long time. >> a lot of lawyers in the dupont circle area. we want to thank all of you who posted weather pictures on the wusa9 facebook page today. there are a few of those from washington county where some of the higher snow totals are. is that right, topper? >> you are correct, sir. >> checking out fairfax county. meg tucker woke up to this today, the ground covered with snow. way out west in west virginia peggy had a good bit of snow on the ground at 10 a.m. she'll probably have to shovel that driveway again. >> in rockville, maryland, russ and his son ventured into the
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weather. the toddler looks a little unsure about what's going on. thanks to everybody for sending in the photos and keep posting them at >> my little girl loved it today. >> that picture with that little boy and his face, back in '96 i threw my mid daughter in a snow drift. she was about -- middle daughter in the snow drift. she was about 2 1/2. she was not happy. she remembers it to this day. >> you threw her in a snow drift. >> gently. we are looking at dangerously low wind chills. snow is about over. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. i want to point this out again. remember it was 59 yesterday? >> i know. >> 18 right now, dew point 9, northerly winds 22 generating a wind chill in the single digits, almost a 0 even downtown. the radar, we'll put this into motion. last two hours we've seen this snow essentially move east of i- 95 and accumulating snow is
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down into southern maryland through calvert county into parts of st. mary's county and a little bit of charles county. remember, you guys were the last to get the snow, but you'll keep it longer than anybody else as it begins to end from west to east as the storm pulls out to sea. this storm won't hook up the coast. it will move out to sea. we're looking at a good band of snow through calvert county north of leonardtown. you have more in accumulation into southern maryland and the northern neck. the big picture with the satellite, skies are clearing, already reports of partly cloudy skies in the metro area. so we'll see stars tonight. it's going to blow around a lot. if you have your spots on, you'll think it's snowing again, it's not. snow totals, 9 inches in brunswick, maryland, 6 inches in rockville, 5.3 in laurel and centreville had 6 inches of snow, vienna about 4 1/2 inches of snow. out to round hill, virginia, about 6 inches of snow on the deck out there and that's
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pretty uniform near the round hill, percyville area and just north of leesburg, about 5 to 7 inches out there. now we have a wind chill advisory for all of the metro area between now and noon tomorrow. that means wind chills could be 10 below to 20 below 0. i kind of wonder if we didn't have the snow if the schools would have done a delay because of the wind chills. wind chill advisory until noon. wind chills minus 5 to minus 20 in the morning hours. winds will diminish in the afternoon, at least not be much of a factor in the afternoon and then bitterly cold, high temperatures with sunshine tomorrow, only in the teens. we talked about this last week. this is going to be the coldest air of the season and the most prolonged cold stretch. looking at new computer models, we may not make it above freezing through next tuesday. returning partly cloudy overnight, very cold with blowing and drifting snow, lows 2 above to 12, wind northwest
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10 to 20 and rather gusty. break it down, this is city temps, 9 degrees at 7:00, 11 at , winds still 18 miles an hour, 15 at 11:00 and 16 at 1 p.m. next three days goes up a little on thursday, low 20s, some flurries or snow shower possible, don't see a storm with that one and still cold on friday. we are in the low 20s. now the next seven days saturday we'll try to make it to freezing. if we don't make it to freezing on saturday, we will stay below freezing through next tuesday. snow showers are possible saturday with another system coming through. that will cool us down to 22 sunday. another system comes through sunday night. temps go up a little to 27 and we get cold again, 19 on tuesday. so we got little clipperlike disturbances about of 36 hours. >> check out the temperatures. >> it's crazy. i think some of the burbs may get below 0. >> you're absolutely right
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about this snow. easy to shovel, though. >> i was able to use the broom. >> 10 years since we've had a snowstorm like this. plenty of you refuse to let it go to waste. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in rockville at robert frost middle school with the hardest of the hard core sledders on the sledding hill, the cohen family. how is the snow? >> good. >> reporter: are you having a super fun time still in the dark? >> yes. >> reporter: yeah. they have been sledding for hours and it's just fantastic. are you going to have school tomorrow? >> no! >> no. >> reporter: no way. and, mr. co hedge, you think it's really going to -- cohen, it's really going to continue to come down? >> you say no shot of school tomorrow. what do you have for us tonight? >> we got some caps. the weather was bad. it kept some of the people away from the verizon center, but
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the caps still had to play tonight. the game must go on. the capitals hit the ice in hopes of stopping their skid. would they heat up or stay
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now game on with kristen berset. >> the washington capitals have played two games without alex ovechkin in the lineup. they scored 10 goals and won both times. this time the loss of the team's leading scorer proved to be a serious disadvantage. capitals looking to snap a five- game skid. 2nd period still scoreless. it turns out to be two-on-two. kyle turris closes in, 1-0 senators. 3rd period same score. ottawa takes advantage on the power play. ottawa wins 2-0 tonight. the capitals failed to convert on four power plays. so it's their sixth straight loss. i linebacker brian orakpo is -- linebacker brian orakpo is the latest pro bowler to go to hawaii joining trent williams and alfred morris, his third pro bowl appearance. could doug williams be
11:26 pm
returning to the redskins? according to tweets from cbs sports, the super bowl mvp has been in talks with gm bruce allen about a front office job. the two met today in mobile, alabama. allen and williams also worked together in tampa bay. we're about two months away from the start of march madness and the stakes just went up for those of you thinking of filling out a bracket this year. there is now $1 billion on the line. warren buffett and quicken loans are ponying up $1 billion if you can guess all 67 games correctly. your chances are one in 9.2 quintillion. that's nine with 18 zeros. speaking of basketball the first lady having fun with the miami heat at the white house promoting healthy living. michelle obama did several photo bombs and showing off her dunking skills.
11:27 pm
showing up the guys that she knows what she's doing in there, having fun with miami heat promoting their health campaign. >> that's cool.
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>> the booties, too, for the salt. >> and it's the cold. look at this, 16 tomorrow with sun, wind chills 20 below in the morning, 22 on thursday, maybe we make it to 22 on saturday. if not, we stay below freezing through next tuesday. >> be careful out there. that's wusa9 news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> we'll be on tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. we're always on
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alante kalr. and now, ergonomic snow shovel, david letterman! (cheers and applause)


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